Götz and Meyer

By David Albahari (trans. Ellen Elias-Bursac) - Published 2006



It is rare that a slim book can wield such emotional impact, but Götz and Meyer is small in page-length alone; the ...Read Review

In The Dark Streets Shining

By Pamela Evans - Published 2006



This is a warm, enjoyable story of life in war-torn England. Rose has lost her beloved husband to the war, but she is ...Read Review

The Lightning Keeper

By Starling Lawrence - Published 2006


The Lightning Keeper is the continuation of an earlier novel by Lawrence, Montenegro, which explains why the background of the young man from ...Read Review

The Best People in the World

By Justin Tussing - Published 2006


Rebellion and novelty were the hallmarks of American youth in the early 1970s, a period Justin Tussing brilliantly brings to focus in this ...Read Review

Your Eyes In Stars

By M.E.Kerr - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

Young Jessie and Elisa are firm yet unlikely friends living in upstate New York in 1934. Jessie, the daughter of the region’s prison ...Read Review

The Big Oyster: New York in the World, A Molluscular History

By Mark Kurlansky - Published 2006



This book is on a most unusual theme: the history of New York, as seen in relation to the oyster beds, from Peter ...Read Review

Uneasy Lies The Head

By Jean Plaidy - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

1486. The Wars of the Roses are over. The Lancastrian King Henry VII has married the Yorkist princess Elizabeth and united the two warring ...Read Review

Penelope and Prince Charming

By Jennifer Ashley - Published 2006



One fine day, Penelope Trask is walking to the village with her friend when a mad horseman gallops up to them. He asks ...Read Review

Brush Country

By Elmer Kelton - Published 2006



Set in Texas after the American Civil War, Brush Country is an omnibus of two classic novels written in the 1960s by Elmer ...Read Review

The Woman Outside

By Sarah Vern - Published 2006



Following on from The Witching Woman, Sarah Vern’s debut novel, The Woman Outside, continues the story of Alexander McNair and Mhairi-Anne Graham’...Read Review