Thirteen Moons

By Charles Frazier - Published 2006


Cold Mountain is a tough act to follow. Yet Charles Frazier more than rises to the occasion with Thirteen Moons, an extraordinary fictional ...Read Review

Just One Of Those Things

By Candice Hern - Published 2006



Gabriel, the Marquess of Thayne, has just returned from India and is out to view potential debutantes for a possible future wife. Meanwhile, ...Read Review

Iron Ties

By Ann Parker - Published 2006



In Leadville, Colorado, in 1880, the town is waiting for the railroad to be constructed, but not everyone is happy about the way things ...Read Review

Billy Boyle

By James R. Benn - Published 2006



Barely promoted to detective in his native Boston, William ‘Billy’ Boyd is sent to England to work with his ‘uncle’ Ike Eisenhower. It ...Read Review

On, Off

By Colleen McCullough - Published 2006



On October 6, 1965, female body parts are discovered in the animal morgue in the neuroscience research center of a private university in Connecticut. Lieutenant ...Read Review

The Blanchard Brothers Film Company

By R.D. Snowcroft - Published 2006


It’s hard to imagine a time when box office numbers for the weekend didn’t dominate Monday’s news and movie stars’ ...Read Review

Back To Wando Passo

By David Payne - Published 2006


Ransom Hill is desperately hopeful that his problems will work out because he has made the decision to turn over a new leaf ...Read Review

Much Ado About Grubstake

By Jean Ferris - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

In the 19th century, penny dreadfuls were sensational tales of crime, adventure, or horror. These inexpensive texts, printed on cheap paper, were a ...Read Review

The Unresolved

By T.K. Welsh - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

Fire! This is the greatest fear of passengers and crews of ships, both now and in the past. On 15 June 1904, fear becomes reality ...Read Review

Dr. Kimball and Mr. Jefferson: Rediscovering the Founding Fathers of American Architecture

By Hugh Howard - Published 2006



Up until the beginning of the 20th century, few people realized that Thomas Jefferson was also one of the nation’s first architects. ...Read Review