The White Night of St Petersburg

By Prince Michael of Greece - Published 2004


Biographical Fiction

One expects certain things in novels about the Romanovs: a glittering backdrop of immense wealth and privilege, impossibly beautiful protagonists, and, of course, ...Read Review

Life Studies: Stories

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2004


Short Stories

In Paris of 1876, a young father reluctantly accompanies his wife and four-year-old daughter, Mimi, to his sister’s garden party in Montmartre. Reluctantly, ...Read Review

An Obituary for Major Reno

By Richard S. Wheeler - Published 2004



On May 17, 1876, Colonel George Custer led the Seventh Cavalry out of Fort Abraham Lincoln with orders to seek out and subdue one of ...Read Review

Fire When Ready

By Kate Kingsbury - Published 2004



The English villagers of Sitting Marsh do not want a munitions factory ruining their town and making them targets of the Luftwaffe. With ...Read Review

Where the Rivers Flow North

By Howard Frank Mosher - Published 2004


Short Stories

This reissue of Mosher’s 1978 story collection was my introduction to the author’s work; it deserves a much wider audience outside New ...Read Review

Pinkerton’s Sister

By Peter Rushforth - Published 2004Published 2005



For some people, a love of reading becomes a grand passion. Alice Pinkerton, housebound madwoman in turn-of-the-century New York City, lives entirely for ...Read Review

The Girl from Botany Bay

By Carolly Erickson - Published 2004



A crime has been committed: a young woman on foot, journeying alone on the road, has been accosted by three highwaywomen. She’s ...Read Review

Britannia’s Empire: Making a British World

By Bill Nasson - Published 2004



Larger-than-life figures such as Wolfe, Rhodes, Drake, Gordon, Clive, Raffles, Brooke and Roberts occupy center stage in histories of the Empire upon which ...Read Review

The Education of Patience Goodspeed

By Heather Vogel Frederick - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

Patience Goodspeed’s second adventurous outing finds the young mathematician installed aboard her father’s whaling ship as assistant navigator, but not for ...Read Review

Owls to Athens

By H.N. Turteltaub - Published 2004



Fourth in a series, Owls to Athens advances the adventures of the intrepid Rhodian merchants, Sostratos and Menedemos. In the chaotic post-Alexander world, ...Read Review

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