2004 (UK)

Love in the Time of Cholera

By Gabriel García Márquez (trans. Edith Grossman) - Published 2004 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Florentino Ariza fell in love with Fermina Daza the first time he saw her when he delivered a telegram to her father. She ...Read Review

Jack Absolute

By C.C. Humphreys - Published 2004 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



“Rollicking” is not a word I usually use, but it perfectly describes C.C. Humphreys’ new novel, Jack Absolute. The title character claims ...Read Review

1610: A Sundial in a Grave

By Mary Gentle - Published 2004 (UK)Published 2005 (US)



“It’s about sex, cruelty, and forgiveness.” Thus does Mary Gentle commence her marvelously inventive novel of espionage, assassination, and precognitive mayhem in ...Read Review

The Blighted Cliffs

By Edwin Thomas - Published 2004 (UK)Published 2005 (US)



Poor Lieutenant Jerrold! For one who prefers a life of self-indulgence over danger, he does receive more than his share of hard knocks: ...Read Review

The House of Windjammer

By V.A. Richardson - Published 2003 (US)Published 2004 (UK)


Children/Young Adult

Amsterdam 1636, at the height of tulipmania. The merchant-shipping family of Windjammer is facing ruin. Four galleons have been ship-wrecked and there is no ...Read Review

One Night of Scandal

By Nicola Cornick - Published 2004 (UK)Published 2005 (US)



Widow Deborah Stratton needs a temporary fiancé to keep her father from forcing her to return home or marrying her to her cousin. ...Read Review

Walking into the Night

By Olaf Olafsson - Published 2003Published 2004 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

How did Icelandic businessman Kristjan Benediktsson end up as Christian, butler to William Randolph Hearst? Kristjan was a successful businessman with a wife ...Read Review

Farewell, My Queen

By Chantal Thomas - Published 2003 (US)Published 2004 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

This story of Marie-Antoinette takes place over three days at Versailles, starting with 14 July, 1789. The Hall of Mirrors and other well-known grandeurs are ...Read Review

Hell at the Breech

By Tom Franklin - Published 2003 (US)Published 2004 (UK)



Hell at the Breech depicts rural gang warfare in 1890s Alabama. A posse of country sharecroppers is bent on vengeance after one of ...Read Review

The Heaven of Mercury

By Brad Watson - Published 2002 (US)Published 2004 (UK)



The twentieth century, viewed in a non-linear fashion through the lives of citizens of Mercury, Mississippi, is dark, atmospheric and gothic. The thread ...Read Review