River of Fire

By Qurratulain Hyder - Published 1998Published 2003



Originally published in 1959 as Aag ka Darya; English edition “transcreated from the original Urdu by the author.” A sweeping saga that covers over ...Read Review

The Key to Rebecca

By Ken Follett - Published 1998Published 2003



Originally published more than twenty years ago, The Key to Rebecca is one of Ken Follett’s most famous espionage novels. In the ...Read Review

The Rings of Saturn

By W.G. Sebald - Published 1998



This historical novel is especially recommended for British history buffs and those curious about the country. They will find this tour through history ...Read Review

Standing at the Scratch Line

By Guy Johnson - Published 1998Published 2001


This is probably the most violent book I have read, but I continued in the knowledge that I was experiencing a part of ...Read Review

Into The Path Of Gods

By Kathleen Cunningham Guler - Published 1998



The first of the Macsen’s Treasure Series begins in the year 459 A.D., following the exit of the Roman legions from Britain, ...Read Review

Prelude to Glory, v.1: Our Sacred Honor

By Ron Carter - Published 1998



Ron Carter is a deeply religious individual who intends his multi-volume work on the Dunson family of Boston to serve as an example ...Read Review

After Dunkirk

By Milena McGraw - Published 1998Published 1999


I was intrigued by this novel. Written by a Czech-born American woman, it’s set in England and tells the story of Wayne ...Read Review

The Waters Between: A Novel of the Dawn Land (Hardscrabble Books)

By Joseph Bruchac - Published 1998


The Waters Between is Joseph Bruchac’s third novel in the Dawn Land trilogy. Ten thousand years ago, the Abenaki Indians inhabited what ...Read Review

Arthur: The Bear of Britain

By Edward Frankland - Published 1998


The grim reality of sixth century Britain comes to life in Frankland’s novel of the legendary King Arthur. In this novel, originally ...Read Review

The King of Vinland’s Saga

By Stuart M. Mirsky - Published 1998



The King of Vinland’s Saga is the unusual tale of Sigtrygg Thorgilsson, orphaned grandson of the legendary Viking Leif Eiriksson. Sigtrygg is ...Read Review