The Abduction of Pretty Penny (A Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mystery 5)

By Leonard Goldberg - Published 2021



This is the fifth book in Leonard Goldberg’s mystery series featuring Joanna Blalock Watson, the daughter of Sherlock Holmes; her husband, Dr. ...Read Review

High Treason at the Grand Hotel: A Fiona Figg Mystery

By Kelly Oliver - Published 2021



Fiona Figg, a file clerk working at the London War Office during WWI, is sent to Paris to spy on the suspected spy ...Read Review

Red Wing

By Cris Harding - Published 2020



This is the story of two families, the Frost family in Dania, Florida, and the Harris family of Sandersville, Georgia. Between 1910 and 1921, they ...Read Review

The Lockhart Plot: Love, Betrayal, Assassination and Counter-Revolution in Lenin’s Russia

By Jonathan Schneer - Published 2020



Bruce Lockhart, a British diplomat and secret agent, is at the center of a conspiracy involving American, British, and French operatives to murder ...Read Review

The Sorrow of Miles Franklin beneath Mount Kajmakcalan

By Ivan Capovski - By Paul Filev (trans.) - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In 1917, a famous Australian author, Miles Franklin, arrives at the Scottish Women’s Hospital in Macedonia. While her position as a nurse might ...Read Review

Blasted Things

By Lesley Glaister - Published 2020


1917, and Clementine Armstrong (Clem) is a VAD nurse on the Western Front. She volunteered to work on the frontline against the explicit wishes ...Read Review

Bitter Harvest Moon

By D M Hanson - Published 2019


1914, Hull. When war is declared, Emily Walker is an impressionable eleven-year-old. Her two elder brothers join up, as does Robert, the boy next ...Read Review

Death on the Homefront (Emily Cabot Mysteries)

By Frances McNamara - Published 2020



Frances McNamara’s latest Emily Cabot mystery once again explores the amateur sleuth’s Chicago haunts. Our heroine has matured since the previous ...Read Review

Dear Miss Kopp

By Amy Stewart - Published 2021


Epistolary novels, perfected in an earlier century, can be daunting. Readers must try to piece together events from the pens of various characters ...Read Review

Band of Sisters

By Lauren Willig - Published 2021


During the height of World War I, a contingent of idealistic young college women decided to make a difference. Based upon an inspiring ...Read Review