Open Fire

By Amber Lough - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Sometimes all it takes is one woman. 1917. After word of her brother’s desertion reaches Katya’s ear, she joins Maria Bochkareva’s ...Read Review

On Wings of Devotion (The Codebreakers)

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2020


Inspirational Romance

In 1918 London, nurse Arabelle Denler tries to ignore her loneliness by immersing herself into her war work. Her father, an intrepid explorer, is ...Read Review

Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers

By Lee Francis III - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Over the last few decades, as multicultural studies have taken on new importance in American society, many previously overlooked contributions to our history ...Read Review

Shadows of Annihilation (A Novel of an Alternate World War)

By S.M. Stirling - Published 2020


Alternate History

In an alternate 1917, America, led by President Teddy Roosevelt, has taken over Mexico as a protectorate. Germany controls Europe and Russia. Paris lies ...Read Review


By Alan A. Winter - Published 2020


A gravely injured soldier wakens from a coma in the Royal Ear and Nose Clinic of Charité Hospital in Berlin eight months after ...Read Review

November to July

By Marilyn Oser - Published 2019


Visiting her Aunt Faye in Paris in 1914, Eleanor Simons volunteers as a nurse and works mainly in the Military Hospital, Val de Grâ...Read Review

More Miracle Than Bird

By Alice Miller - Published 2020


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a magical novel—in the most literal sense. And yet Alice Miller has based her first book-length fiction, More Miracle than ...Read Review

City of Scoundrels (A Counterfeit Lady Novel)

By Victoria Thompson - Published 2019


Lawyer Gideon Bates is visited by Corporal Tom Preston, who wishes to draft a will in favour of his new wife, Rose, before ...Read Review

No Hero’s Welcome (Sweet Wine of Youth)

By Jeffrey K. Walker - Published 2019


It’s 1915, the Battle of Gallipoli during WWI. Sergeant Major Daniel Brannigan of the Dublin Fusiliers, fighting as part of the British Army, ...Read Review

The Poppy Wife / The Photographer of the Lost

By Caroline Scott - Published 2019


“Missing in Action” is a term many have heard. This is the story of a family who is living with that reality. To ...Read Review