The Lost Ones

By Anita Frank - Published 2019


1917. Overwhelmed by grief for her dead fiancé, Stella Marcham is struggling to maintain a semblance of normality when her brother-in-law Hector asks her ...Read Review

A Bitter Harvest

By Charles Ellingworth - Published 2019



I was looking forward to this book: 1919, the Great War is over, but a generation of men have been killed or wounded, and ...Read Review

His Name is David

By Jan Vantoortelboom - Published 2019



The novel opens during World War I, with a soldier bound to a post, about to be executed by a firing squad. The ...Read Review

Kopp Sisters on the March (A Kopp Sisters Novel)

By Amy Stewart - Published 2019



It’s 1917, and with World War I raging in Europe, the Kopp sisters of Wyckoff, New Jersey decide they must do something to ...Read Review

Chimes of a Lost Cathedral (Revolution of Marina M.)

By Janet Fitch - Published 2019



At midnight, at the end of this epic 750-page novel that reads with echoes of Pasternak and Tolstoy, I wanted more. That’s ...Read Review

Lily and the Rockets

By Rebecca Stevens - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Lily Dodd is proud to start working as a munitionette at the same factory as her father. Having left school, she feels finally ...Read Review

The Silversmith’s Daughter

By Annie Murray - Published 2019


1915. War has broken out with Germany, and life is about to change for everyone. Twenty year old Daisy Tallis is a talented silversmith ...Read Review

A Distant Field: A Novel of World War I

By RJ MacDonald - Published 2018



There are many reasons why men joined the British Army in 1915 to fight the Germans. This story involves six men: two American brothers, ...Read Review

The Lusitania Sinking: Eyewitness Accounts from Survivors

By Anthony Richards - Published 2019



What more is there to say about the Lusitania, the liner torpedoed off the coast of Ireland in May 1915?  Anthony Richards admits that ...Read Review

The Brooklands Girls (The Maitland Trilogy)

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2019



In the aftermath of World War I, former ambulance driver Pips Maitland is struggling to find a purpose in life. She dotes on ...Read Review