The Interpreter

By A.J. Sidransky - Published 2020



The Interpreter is a fictional biographical WWII thriller, alternating between 1939-40 and 1945, gleaned from family records, particularly the experiences of Kurt Berlin. In 1939, 17...Read Review

Rachel’s Legacy

By Julie Thomas - Published 2020


There are times when the plot of a book is better than the execution. This is one of those cases. In this WWII ...Read Review

Hedy’s War (UK) / The Girl from the Channel Islands (US)

By Jenny Lecoat - Published 2020Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

After fleeing from Vienna to Jersey after the Anschluss, Hedy Bercu finds herself trapped and in danger once more when the Germans invade ...Read Review

Black Cotton Star: A Graphic Novel of World War II

By Yves Sente - Published 2020


This graphic novel tells the story of Angela, an African-American assistant to Betsy Ross. In 1776, she conceals a black star under a white ...Read Review

The Sea Gate

By Jane Johnson - Published 2020


It is rare to find a dual-narrative novel in which both strands of the narrative are equally compelling. Often the present-day strand exists ...Read Review

The Takeaway Men

By Meryl Ain - Published 2020


The Takeaway Men begins with Edyta, a Catholic teenager, busy smuggling Jewish toddlers out of the Kielce (Poland) ghetto to the safety of ...Read Review

A Daughter’s Secret

By Maggie Hope - Published 2020



This novel is about a girl’s journey in life with a scandal always in mind. Cath Raine has had to deal with ...Read Review

Tell Me No Truths

By Gill Vickery - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

This is a complex and ambitious book for young adults, utilising multiple narrative strands and a wide cast of characters. Nico, a rebel ...Read Review

The Collaborator

By Diane Armstrong - Published 2020


To paraphrase William Faulkner, World War II isn’t even past. In fiction and non-fiction, the fight goes on—perhaps especially fiercely at ...Read Review

Private Lives

By Harlond - By J. G. - Published 2020



Retired Detective Sergeant Bob Robbins, who has reluctantly obeyed a wartime summons to return to duty, has managed to obtain some days of ...Read Review