Light up in Wonder

By Patrick Gooch - Published 2016


It’s 1894 when Sam Lockhart, a young Brighton gardener, is hastily recruited by an eccentric character to prune a hedge in front of ...Read Review

Cleopatra’s Needles: The Lost Obelisks of Egypt

By Bob Brier - Published 2016



Between 1831 and 1881, Paris, London, and New York raced to acquire ancient Egyptian obelisks as symbols of their standing as cultured global cities. Egyptologist ...Read Review

Blue Bonnets: Dancing for the Devil Trilogy, Book 2 / Sword Dance: Dancing for the Devil Trilogy, Book 3

By Marie Laval - Published 2016


These sequels to The Dream Catcher, which I reviewed in HNR 76, are set in Scotland in 1847. To tell the truth, I was looking ...Read Review

The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer

By Kate Summerscale - Published 2016



London, 1895. For ten days, thirteen-year-old Robert Coombes and his younger brother have been doing boy-type things: visiting the seaside, theatre, and cricket matches, ...Read Review

An Untimely Frost: Lilly Long Mysteries

By Penny Richards - Published 2016



Orphaned at eleven and raised in the theater, Lilly Long has not known anything but make-believe and role playing. After she is jilted ...Read Review

Legacy of Hunger

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2015


This is less a novel than a travelogue of a young American girl’s journey to Ireland in 1846 during the famine caused by ...Read Review

The Strawberry Girl

By Lisa Stromme - Published 2016


It’s summer 1893, and the Norwegian fishing village of Asgardstrand is swelled by an influx of well-to-do guests and bohemian artists from the ...Read Review

The Trial of Marie Montrecourt

By Kay Patrick - Published 2016



Right from the start the reader is gripped in this tale of political corruption, women’s rights and mysterious benefactors. Marie Montrecourt is ...Read Review

Beloved Poison

By E. S. Thomson - Published 2016



London in 1846, and St. Saviour’s hospital is due for demolition and relocation, to allow the construction of a new railway through its ...Read Review


By Yvonne Payne - Published 2015


Kritsotopoula, by Yvonne Payne, is split into two unequal halves. The first section, which is longer, gives the background to the Cretan culture ...Read Review