Going Home (Skye’s West)

By Richard S. Wheeler - Published 2000


AdventureBiographical Fiction

This novel opens at the tail end of the Rendezvous of 1832. Englishman Barnaby Skye has to make a choice. His job as a ...Read Review

The Disastrous Mrs.Weldon

By Brian Thompson - Published 2001



The subject of this unusual biography was born Georgina Thomas, daughter of a delusional, cruel, and pretentious Briton who later assumed the genealogically ...Read Review

Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot

By Emily Brightwell - Published 2000



This is the latest in the many-volume Victorian Mystery series, starring Mrs. Jeffries. Housekeeper to Inspector Witherspoon, her detective skills far outweigh his, ...Read Review

In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden

By Kathleen Cambor - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

The Johnstown Flood of 1889 in Pennsylvania was one of the worst disasters in American history: over 2,200 people died, including 99 whole families. Kathleen Cambor ...Read Review

Death at Whitechapel

By Robin Paige - Published 2000



In this sixth book by husband-and-wife writing team Robin Paige, detectives Sir Charles Sheridan and his wife, Kate Ardleigh, are plunged into the ...Read Review