US Civil War

The Roads of War

By John Cameron - Published 2022



The Roads of War follows several soldiers from Company H, 30th North Carolina Regiment, as they try to survive the U.S. Civil ...Read Review


By Sarah Miller - Published 2022


Readers of Little Women are well aware that Louisa May Alcott based the beloved characters of that classic novel on her own family. ...Read Review

Long Shadows

By Abigail Cutter - Published 2022


This U.S. Civil War novel unfolds a Confederate infantryman’s story within a boldly unique supernatural structure. Tom Smiley has been dead ...Read Review

Confederacy Of Fenians

By James D. Nealon - Published 2022


Alternate History

The South’s victory at Gettysburg in 1863 brings a new ally to their side when the British invade from Canada. General John Fox ...Read Review

Where the Last Rose Blooms (Heirloom Secrets)

By Ashley Clark - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

This fluidly written dual-timeline historical Christian romance is set in the South: 1861 Charleston and modern-day New Orleans. Alice owns The Prickly Rose flower ...Read Review

The Thread Collectors

By Alyson Richman - By Shaunna J. Edwards - Published 2022


Focused mostly on New Orleans in 1863 and 1864, this novel follows the lives of people of color during the Civil War. William, a talented ...Read Review

Voices in the Dead House (The American Novels)

By Norman Lock - Published 2022



The ninth installment in Lock’s The American Novels series brings together literary giants Walt Whitman and Louisa May Alcott. It is 1863, and ...Read Review

The Courier’s Wife

By Vanessa Lind - Published 2022


Vanessa Lind begins The Courier’s Wife in Washington, DC in 1862. Nineteen-year-old Hattie Logan works for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, unsealing and peeking ...Read Review

Ursula’s Inheritance

By Eileen Charbonneau - Published 2021


Civil War fiction welcomes a fresh approach in Eileen Charbonneau’s third book in her American Civil War Brides series, Ursula’s Inheritance. ...Read Review

The Cobbler of Spanish Fort and Other Frontier Stories

By Johnny D. Boggs - Published 2022


Short StoriesWestern

The settlement of Spanish Fort, Texas, situated on the Red River border with Oklahoma, holds little interest for historians. Nevertheless, it was the ...Read Review