The Smile

By Donna Jo Napoli - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

The Smile is the next title in Donna Jo Napoli’s growing list of young adult novels. Many of her previous retellings offered ...Read Review

Apology For The Woman Writing

By Jenny Diski - Published 2008


Biographical FictionLiterary

France in the 16th century. Marie de Gournay is a self-educated “difficult” child whose life is centred in her dead father’s library ...Read Review

Garlands of Gold

By Rosalind Laker - Published 2008



Set in 17th-century Rotterdam, this is the tale of Saskia, a lady’s maid to a wealthy merchant’s wife. Saskia’s real ...Read Review

The Courtier’s Secret

By Donna Russo Morin - Published 2009



In 1682, the Court of Versailles is in its heyday. The reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV, is at its zenith. Secrecy, intrigue ...Read Review

In The Shadow of the Sun King

By Golden Keyes Parsons - Published 2008



Madeleine Clavell is devastated when her estate is overtaken by the king’s dragoons. As a Huguenot in Catholic France, she hides her ...Read Review

Sovereigns of the Sea: The Quest to Build the Perfect Renaissance Battleship

By Angus Konstam - Published 2008



The large and heavily armed “ship of the line” or “battleship” played a central role in naval history from early times to the ...Read Review

The Medici Seal

By Theresa Breslin - Published 2007


Children/Young Adult

Italy 1502. A young gypsy boy, fleeing from a brigand, is rescued by Leonardo da Vinci, and becomes part of his household. He calls ...Read Review

Magnifico: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo De’Medici

By Miles J. Unger - Published 2008



Few time periods in the European past are as captivating as the Renaissance, and few characters from this world are as fascinating as ...Read Review

Isabella De’ Medici: The Glorious Life and Tragic End of a Renaissance Princess

By Caroline P. Murphy - Published 2008



Charming, amusing, intelligent and immensely wealthy, the beautiful Isabella de’ Medici strutted her stuff centre stage as an indulged star of the most ...Read Review

Painter in a Savage Land

By Miles Harvey - Published 2008



This book is subtitled The Strange Saga of the First European Artist in North America. Jacques LeMoyne de Morgues sailed for the New ...Read Review