The Elephant’s Journey

By José Saramago - Published 2010



It is hard to know which sentiment dominated my reading of this book: sadness at the passing of such a great author, or ...Read Review

The Pindar Diamond

By Katie Hickman - Published 2010


In 1604 a travelling band of entertainers arrive at an almost deserted village in southern Italy. A dissolute man offers them the prospect of ...Read Review

The Countess

By Rebecca Johns - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Erzsébet Báthory is sent to marry Hungarian nobleman Ferenc Nádasdy in the 16th century. She suffers her husband’s indifference ...Read Review


By Heather Richardson - Published 2010



Richardson’s first novel takes as its backdrop the Siege of Magdeburg in 1631, one of the more brutal passages of play in the ...Read Review

Cabinet of Curiosities

By Paul Dowswell - Published 2010


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Lukas DeClerq is travelling to Prague to become an apprentice to his Uncle Anselmus, court physician to the Emperor Rudolph II. His journey, ...Read Review

The Alchemist and the Angel

By Joanne Owen - Published 2010


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Jan is apprentice to his uncle, an alchemist, living in Venice in 1583. After losing his parents to the plague, Aunt Greta and Uncle ...Read Review

Kabbalah of Stone

By Irene Reti - Published 2010


Kabbalah of Stone primarily takes place in 1491 in Girona, Spain, and follows the story of Domingo Fontclara, a scribe with a secret Jewish ...Read Review

Poison: A Novel of the Renaissance

By Sara Poole - Published 2010



Sara Poole, in her new novel, Poison, captures the color and pace of the best contemporary thrillers. With a style similar to James ...Read Review

Honour and the Sword

By A.L. Berridge - Published 2010



1636 – the height of the Thirty Years War. As the story opens, Spanish armies invade King Louis XIII’s France. The sleepy border village ...Read Review

The Astronomer

By Lawrence Goldstone - Published 2010



Do not – I repeat – do not start the last one hundred pages of Lawrence Goldstone’s The Astronomer if anything or anyone will ...Read Review