Park Avenue Summer

By Renee Rosen - Published 2019


Park Avenue Summer is a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of the iconic Cosmopolitan magazine and its equally iconic editor, Helen Gurley ...Read Review

The Last Year of the War

By Susan Meissner - Published 2019


A metaphorical thief. The war. Lost friendship. And Davenport, Iowa, my hometown. The Last Year of the War grabbed me from the first ...Read Review

The Story Collector

By Evie Gaughan - Published 2018


Sarah Harper lives in New York, her marriage is on the rocks, and she drinks too much. She arrives at Newark Airport for ...Read Review

The Peacock Feast

By Lisa Gornick - Published 2019



As a child in 1916, Prudence remembers the night of Louis Tiffany’s Peacock Feast, hosted at his Oyster Bay home. Prudence is the ...Read Review

Contention and Other Frontier Stories: A Five Star Anthology (Five Star Western)

By Johnny D. Boggs - By Loren D. Estleman - By Max McCoy - By Michael Zimmer - Published 2019


Short StoriesWestern

This book is the publisher’s second anthology of new short stories written by seventeen well-known Western writers. The tales are of the ...Read Review

The Guest Book: A Novel

By Sarah Blake - Published 2019



This is a multigenerational story of the wealthy Milton family in America, from the Great Depression through World War II to the beginning ...Read Review

The Old Drift

By Namwali Serpell - Published 2019



Some novels are almost impossible to summarize in a few paragraphs, and this is one of them. After a conventional opening chapter, the ...Read Review

The Things We Cannot Say

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2019


Straddling the past and the present, The Things We Cannot Say is a mesmerizing tale of family, memory, forgiveness, and unconditional love, but ...Read Review

Friends Call Me Bat (Five Star Western)

By Paul Colt - Published 2019



In 1919, William Barclay “Bat” Masterson is a slightly plump, older, gray-haired NYC sportswriter who covers boxing. Bat is sought out by younger newsman ...Read Review

The Secrets of the Tea Garden (The India Tea Book 4)

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2018


In 1899, on a tea garden estate in Assam, India, a junior officer, James, is summoned by the burra-sahib, Logan, and ordered to handle ...Read Review