The Storyteller’s Secret

By Sejal Badani - Published 2018


In 2000, Jaya, a thirty-something New York journalist, boards a plane for India. She has recently miscarried for the third time, and her husband ...Read Review

The Balcony

By Jane Delury - Published 2018


Set in a village near Paris, The Balcony is a collection of short stories about a manor house and the people who have ...Read Review

The Daisy Children

By Sofia Grant - Published 2018



Cousins Katie Garrett and Scarlett Ragsdale cannot be more different even though they were born just miles apart in East Texas. Katie is ...Read Review

The Far River

By Barbara Wood - Published 2018


Workmen repairing earthquake damage to the outer wall of the Schaller winery in Largo Valley, California, expose a gaping hole in the solid ...Read Review

The Grazier’s Wife

By Barbara Hannay - Published 2018Published c2016


Barbara Hannay, an Australian author, has recently come to the US market with the publication of The Grazier’s Wife. Set in WWII ...Read Review

The Rehearsals

By Oliver Ready (trans.) - By Vladimir Sharov - Published 2018



Written in the early 1980s, and now translated into English for the first time, Vladimir Sharov’s The Rehearsals is considered a modern ...Read Review

The Storm

By Arif Anwar - Published 2018



In November 1970, while a cyclone sweeps Bangladesh’s shores, Honufa scurries from her hut in a Chittagong fishing village with her three-year-old son, ...Read Review

The Broken Girls

By Simone St. James - Published 2018



In 1950, four roommates from Idlewild Hall, a New England boarding school for wayward girls, bond over the one thing they have in common—...Read Review

The Darkling Bride

By Laura Andersen - Published 2018


Hold up your hand, and tick off the Gothic conventions one by one: atmospheric, crumbling family home; older, brooding yet ridiculously handsome hero; ...Read Review

Brixton Beach

By Roma Tearne - Published 2018


On 7 July 2005 in London, Doctor Simon Swann rushes out of his hospital onto the streets and into the aftermath of an incident in ...Read Review