Light in the Shadows

By Andy Stone - By Linda Lafferty - Published 2019


When an Italian priest finds a painting that he believes to be a lost painting by the infamous 16th/17th century painter, Michelangelo ...Read Review

Love Without End: A Story of Heloise and Abelard

By Melvyn Bragg - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 12th-century Paris, a learned young woman named Heloise is tutored by the famed philosopher Abelard. The teacher and student soon become lovers, ...Read Review

The Artifacts: A Flint Hills Story

By Eric T Reynolds - Published 2019



Kayla Ramsey buys property in the Flint Hills town of Sycamore Falls, Kansas: an 1890 Victorian house and an 1870 farmhouse behind it. In the ...Read Review

All the Forgivenesses

By Elizabeth Hardinger - Published 2019


All the Forgivenesses is a wrenching read. It begins in dirt-poor Kentucky in 1906 and concludes in the oil boom in Kansas, a few ...Read Review

The Colonel’s Wife

By Rosa Liksom - Published 2019



Rosa Liksom’s novel is amazing, powerful, and remarkable, and everyone should read it, including, again, me. The Finnish author delves deeply into ...Read Review

All Too Human: A Saga of Deadly Deceptions and Dark Desires

By Karen Wills - Published 2019



In 1905, lawyer Rebecca Bryan visits the grieving Cale family in their isolated mansion in the mountains of Montana. The recently deceased family matriarch, ...Read Review

How Fires End

By Marco Rafalà - Published 2019


David Vassallo is a teenager growing up in Little Melilli in Middletown, Connecticut. He is the object of a familial promise of revenge ...Read Review

Beyond The Moon: A Haunting Debut Novel Of Time Travel And WW1

By Catherine Taylor - Published 2019



This is a poignant love story which is both a time-traveling novel and a study of mental disorders in the early 20th century ...Read Review

The Woman in the Green Dress

By Tea Cooper - Published 2018


Australian historical fiction writer, Tea Cooper, has produced another engaging, dual-period novel in the style of The Naturalist’s Daughter. The Woman in ...Read Review

The Revisioners

By Margaret Wilkerson Sexton - Published 2019



Margaret Wilkerson Sexton has crafted an unforgettable story of strong women through multiple generations of one African American family in Louisiana. The chapters ...Read Review