The Rehearsals

By Oliver Ready (trans.) - By Vladimir Sharov - Published 2018



Written in the early 1980s, and now translated into English for the first time, Vladimir Sharov’s The Rehearsals is considered a modern ...Read Review

The Storm

By Arif Anwar - Published 2018



In November 1970, while a cyclone sweeps Bangladesh’s shores, Honufa scurries from her hut in a Chittagong fishing village with her three-year-old son, ...Read Review

The Broken Girls

By Simone St. James - Published 2018



In 1950, four roommates from Idlewild Hall, a New England boarding school for wayward girls, bond over the one thing they have in common—...Read Review

The Darkling Bride

By Laura Andersen - Published 2018


Hold up your hand, and tick off the Gothic conventions one by one: atmospheric, crumbling family home; older, brooding yet ridiculously handsome hero; ...Read Review

Brixton Beach

By Roma Tearne - Published 2018


On 7 July 2005 in London, Doctor Simon Swann rushes out of his hospital onto the streets and into the aftermath of an incident in ...Read Review

The Hidden Side

By Heidi Chiavaroli - Published 2018



Natalie works at a Christian radio station in 2016 New York. She uses the name Skye for privacy. She gives advice and healing prayers ...Read Review

Hotel on Shadow Lake

By Daniela Tully - Published 2018



The novel begins with Martha Wiesberg in 1990. This part is quite brief, and the action immediately jumps back in time to the same ...Read Review

A Fist Around the Heart

By Heather Chisvin - Published 2018


This is such a surprising book, one filled with layers inside layers and new revelations at every turn. Moving back and forth from ...Read Review

American Histories

By John Edgar Wideman - Published 2018


LiteraryShort Stories

In his new short story collection, American Histories, John Edgar Wideman explores current situations by delving into the past, a sort of marriage ...Read Review


By Damian Dibben - Published 2018


The bond between a dog and its owner feels eternal, but this is literally so for Tomorrow. He has been made immortal by ...Read Review