Three Sides Water

By Peter Donahue - Published 2018



Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula is what the short novels in the collection Three Sides Water have in common. It travels from a 1925...Read Review

The Fall of a Sparrow

By Dan Scannell - Published 2018


Numerous theories exist regarding the authorship of William Shakespeare’s plays and poems. Contemporary historian Michael Devon finds a journal written by Henry ...Read Review


By Sarah Perry - Published 2018



Beware the reader delving into the wondrous world of Sarah Perry’s Melmoth without the time to finish this breathtaking novel in one ...Read Review

Without a Country

By Ayse Kulin - By Kenneth Dakan (trans.) - Published 2018



Ayse Kulin has several successful novels to her credit, and she has picked another interesting topic for this one. Its basis is an ...Read Review

Call of the Curlew (UK) / The Orphan of Salt Winds (US)

By Elizabeth Brooks - Published 2018


December 1939, and Virginia, an orphan aged 10, is adopted by Clem & Lorna Wrathmell. She is taken to their large house, Salt Winds, on ...Read Review

Edith’s War

By Andrew Smith - Published 2018


This novel tells the story of England’s internment of Italian civilians during WWII and weaves a love story into the plot. In 1940, ...Read Review

The Love Letter

By Rachel Hauck - Published 2018



What do a colonial soldier afraid to declare his love and a Hollywood actress stymied by typecasting have in common? Can Chloe get ...Read Review

The Lost Vintage: A Novel

By Ann Mah - Published 2018


This novel follows a familiar model—a young American woman travels to Europe and discovers truths about herself by exploring the life of ...Read Review

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

By Andrew Marshall - By Rob Grant - Published 2018


Great Britain in 1952, although few have noticed that it has been the same year for 65 years. People like the reassuring familiarity of class ...Read Review

A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl

By Jean Thompson - Published 2018



A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl is a multigenerational story set in a small Midwestern town where three women try to ...Read Review