Shadow Child

By Rahna Reiko Rizzuto - Published 2018



Lillie and her daughters Hana and Kei have spent their entire lives trying to rise above disaster. Their story begins in the early 1970...Read Review

Yorkshire: A Lyrical History of England’s Greatest County

By Richard Morris - Published 2018



Yorkshire arguably is not one county. It has three distinct areas, once known as Ridings (Riding derives from thirding) although, due to government ...Read Review

What Should Be Wild

By Julia Fine - Published 2018



What Should Be Wild intertwines stories of several women, spanning millennia, all part of the Blakeley family—women connected by tragic lives in ...Read Review

Chinese Whispers: In Search of Ivy

By Alison T. Choy Flannigan - Published 2018



The story of the Lai family from China to Australia is a fascinating account that begins with a brief overview of Chinese history ...Read Review

The Parker Inheritance

By Varian Johnson - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Eleven-year-old Candice is spending the summer with her mother in her late grandmother’s house while waiting for her home in Atlanta to ...Read Review

The Storyteller’s Secret

By Sejal Badani - Published 2018


In 2000, Jaya, a thirty-something New York journalist, boards a plane for India. She has recently miscarried for the third time, and her husband ...Read Review

The Balcony

By Jane Delury - Published 2018


Set in a village near Paris, The Balcony is a collection of short stories about a manor house and the people who have ...Read Review

The Daisy Children

By Sofia Grant - Published 2018



Cousins Katie Garrett and Scarlett Ragsdale cannot be more different even though they were born just miles apart in East Texas. Katie is ...Read Review

The Far River

By Barbara Wood - Published 2018


Workmen repairing earthquake damage to the outer wall of the Schaller winery in Largo Valley, California, expose a gaping hole in the solid ...Read Review

The Grazier’s Wife

By Barbara Hannay - Published 2018Published c2016


Barbara Hannay, an Australian author, has recently come to the US market with the publication of The Grazier’s Wife. Set in WWII ...Read Review