I Was a Revolutionary

By Andrew Malan Milward - Published 2015


LiteraryShort Stories

Andrew Malan Milward opens his collection of short stories with an academic investigation of the 1863 raid on Lawrence, Kansas, by Quantrill and his ...Read Review

The Song of Hartgrove Hall

By Natasha Solomons - Published 2015


In 1946, Harry Fox-Talbot, called Fox, and his older brothers Jack and George are reclaiming their estate, Hartgrove Hall, after its requisition in the ...Read Review

The Vicar’s Wife (Tales from Goswell)

By Katharine Swartz - Published 2013-10-18Published 2015


Alternating from past to present, this novel is set in the quaint village of Goswell on the Cumbrian Coast of North West England. ...Read Review

All That Followed

By Gabriel Urza - Published 2015



All That Followed is one of those works of fiction—historical or not—where history is the central character and everything else flows ...Read Review

The Lure of the Moonflower (The Final Pink Carnation Novel)

By Lauren Willig - Published 2015



This is the final (sob!) chapter of Pink Carnation stories. In 2005, our series narrator, Eloise, has abandoned her Ph.D. thesis to pen ...Read Review

The Sea Keeper’s Daughters (The Carolina Heirlooms Novels)

By Lisa Wingate - Published 2015



The inheritance of a dilapidated historic hotel on Roanoke Island comes at a fortuitous moment for Whitney Munroe. A restaurant entrepreneur working on ...Read Review

Book: My Autobiography

By John Agard - By Neil Packer (illus.) - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Book tells the story of writing and book-making from the dawn of time until the current age. Written with wit and humor, this ...Read Review

The Marvels

By Brian Selznick - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Brian Selznick has done it again – written and illustrated a pitch-perfect tale that conjures up a lost art of storytelling. As in his ...Read Review

The History of Modern France: From the Revolution to the Present Day

By Jonathan Fenby - Published 2015



Fenby argues that France is a prisoner of her own history; she sees her casting off the shackles of tyranny in the French ...Read Review

The Book of Lost and Found

By Lucy Foley - Published 2015



Spanning most of the 20th century, The Book of Lost and Found is the sort of sweeping multi-period saga I seek out, one ...Read Review