The Dollhouse

By Fiona Davis - Published 2016


1952. When 17-year-old Darby McLaughlin moves from Defiance, Ohio to New York to take a secretarial course, she quickly falls under the spell of ...Read Review

Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings

By Stephen O’Connor - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

A brilliant, inventive debut novel, Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings presents these two historical figures in intimate detail well beyond the historical ...Read Review

Isabella’s Book

By Alison Mukherjee - Published 2016


Set in 18th-century Cumberland, this absorbing story follows the lives of Isabella, George and Isaac – childhood friends who grow old without losing touch ...Read Review

The Memory of Us

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2016


England, 1961. The suicide attempt of a lonely midwife is interrupted by a boy whose mother has gone into premature labor. When the midwife ...Read Review

In the Light of What We See

By Sarah Painter - Published 2016


In the Light of What We See tells the stories of two women separated by 80 years. The contemporary story of Mina Morgan is ...Read Review

Journey of the Dead: The Trinity Conspiracy, Book 1

By A. C. Townsend - Published 2014



In Journey of the Dead, the first book in A. C. Townsend’s unusual and ultimately highly readable Trinity Conspiracy series, sixteen-year-old Sarah ...Read Review

The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House

By Stephanie Lam - Published 2016



Rosie Churchill, aged eighteen in 1965, has run away from home, hiding an ugly secret from her mother. She secures a flat at the ...Read Review


By Annie Proulx - Published 2016



What is it that makes Annie Proulx’s voice so compelling, so completely her own? She creates characters and situations and then sits ...Read Review

The Sage Train: Philosophy Comes to Life

By Nicky Hansell - Published 2016


This novel uses a quirky and original idea: a dead Nietzsche, discussing great philosophers with a travel companion. The book is written in ...Read Review

Cooking for Picasso

By Camille Aubray - Published 2016


In the spring of 1936, Pablo Picasso is living under an assumed name in the village of Juan-les-Pins and seventeen-year-old Ondine has been tasked ...Read Review