Rembrandt’s Shadow

By Janet Lee Berg - Published 2016


Sylvie Beckman is the privileged, spoiled child of famous art collector Josef Rosenberg. Sylvie prides herself on her fine, attractive clothing and the ...Read Review

The Birds of Opulence

By Crystal Wilkinson - Published 2016



Madness and memories, whether good or bad, are handed down through families like heirlooms. For the women of Opulence, Kentucky, life is no ...Read Review

Forgotten Women

By Freda Lightfoot - Published 2016


In 1986, Jo visits Spain on a mission to settle questions regarding the authenticity and provenance of a painting she found in her grandmother’...Read Review

The Lost Girls

By Heather Young - Published 2016



As I said, I am the last. Since Lilith’s passing three years ago, the story of that summer has been mine alone ...Read Review

Southern Ruby

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2016


This dual narrative contains the familiar trademarks of a Belinda Alexandra novel: an uncommon setting and sympathetic characters forced to make compromises because ...Read Review

Eva Sleeps

By Francesca Melandri - By Katherine Gregor (trans.) - Published 2016



Italy, 1963: Gerda comes from a poor family in the Alto Adige/South Tyrol region of Italy. At 16, she is sent off to work ...Read Review


By Miranda Beverly-Whittemore - Published 2016


Cassie Danvers has inherited her grandmother June’s crumbling Ohio mansion, Two Oaks.  She is haunted by dreams of its previous occupants and ...Read Review

When We Meet Again

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2016


I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for stories in which a modern-day character finds a mysterious artifact of family history and ...Read Review

Letters from Paris

By Juliet Blackwell - Published 2016


Claire Broussard’s mother drives into a Louisiana bayou, taking her life and leaving Claire with a harrowing fear of water and drowning. ...Read Review

France: A Modern History from the Revolution to the War with Terror

By Jonathan Fenby - Published 2016



This book frames the past 200 years of French history within the context of the current waves of terrorism which began with the killings ...Read Review