Children of My Heart

By Alan Brown (trans.) - By Gabrielle Roy - Published 2000



Gabrielle Roy, beloved of the Canadian literary establishment, died in 1983. Ces enfants de ma vie was her last novel. This edition of Alan ...Read Review

So Far Back

By Pam Durban - Published 2000



For generations, the women of one black Charleston family have served the Hilliards — first as slaves, later as hired servants. When a flood ...Read Review

Family Orchard: A Novel

By Nomi Eve - Published 2000



Nomi Eve’s first novel is a lyrical and poetic Jewish family history, from 1837 to present day. The story is told in two ...Read Review


By Orson Scott Card - Published 2001


Biographical FictionInspirational

The story takes place between 1819 and 1919 and is a fictional biography of Dinah Kirkham, a woman who was central in the growth and ...Read Review

The Gospel of Judas

By Simon Mawer - Published 2001


Alternate HistoryLiterary

Set primarily in the present, The Gospel of Judas revolves about Leo, middle-aged priest and expert in ancient texts. Leaving Rome for Jerusalem, ...Read Review

The Notorious Dr. August: His Real Life and Crimes

By Christopher Bram - Published 2000



A thought-provoking tour of America and Europe from the U.S. Civil War to the 1920s, Christopher Bram’s latest novel is a ...Read Review

What If?: The World’s Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been (What If Essays)

By Robert Cowley (ed.) - Published 2000


Alternate HistoryNonfiction

Arguing the “what ifs” of history is one of our more enjoyable past-times and certainly contributes to the enduring hold the study of ...Read Review

The Last Cantata

By Philippe Delelis - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

King Frederick II of Prussia summons the elderly J. S. Bach from Leipzig to Potsdam for a meeting. When Bach is ushered into ...Read Review

The Map of Love

By Ahdaf Soueif - Published 2000



Set in the early 1900s and in the 1990s, The Map of Love tells of two intertwined, cross-cultural love stories. In 1901 Anna Winterbourne ...Read Review

The Eye of Horus

By Carol Thurston - Published 2000


The Eye of Horus is set both in the late 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt and in present-day Colorado and Texas. One half ...Read Review