Late Medieval (1338 to 1485)

A Memory Of Love

By Bertrice Small - Published 2000



Born out of wedlock, Rhonwyn is raised as a boy by her Welsh father’s warriors. Not until her impending marriage to an ...Read Review

The Beggar’s Throne

By David Falconieri - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMilitary

Just when you thought there must be nothing new to write about the Wars of the Roses, along comes this well-researched, highly entertaining ...Read Review

The Heretic

By Lewis Weinstein - Published 2000


Set in fifteenth-century Spain, The Heretic tells the story of a converso Christian who rediscovers his Jewish roots, with dire consequences. Steeped in ...Read Review

English Civil War Through the Restoration in Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography, 1625-1999 (Bibliographies and Indexes in World History)

By Roxane C. Murph - Published 2000



Freelance researcher Murph presents a descriptive list of fictional works all set between the beginning of Charles I’s reign (1625) and the death ...Read Review

The Merlin of St. Gilles’ Well (The Joan of Arc Tapestries)

By Ann Chamberlin - Published 1999


Biographical FictionFantasy

In the early 1400s, Jean le Drapier, a maimed Breton seer, awaits the birth of La Pucinelle, the girl he has seen in ...Read Review

The Maiden and the Unicorn

By Isolde Martyn - Published 1999



During the turbulent period now known as the Wars of the Roses, Marjorie of Warwick finds herself caught between love and loyalty, wed ...Read Review