Late Medieval (1338 to 1485)

The Knight’s Tale (A Geoffrey Chaucer mystery, 1)

By M.J. Trow - Published 2021



Trow has written several historical mystery series, including one featuring the playwright Christopher Marlowe, so turning his attention to another English literary luminary, ...Read Review

The Day of the Serpent (A Brother Chandler Mystery, 2)

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2021



Imprisoned in Pontefract Castle by the usurper, Henry Bolingbroke, Richard II starved to death. At least that’s the story that was put ...Read Review

The King’s Sword: The First Novel of The Metzlingen Saga

By Rebekah Simmers - Published 2021



“Take their words, labels, expectations, and find a way to define them on your own terms.” 15th-century Germany. A man trying to bury ...Read Review

A Clash of Lions (The Hundred Years’ War, 2)

By A. J. Mackenzie - Published 2021


In 1346, right after the English victory at Crécy, Simon Merrivale, herald to the Prince of Wales, is sent back to England to ...Read Review

Hawkwood’s Sword

By Christian Cameron - Published 2021



1368. Fourteenth-century Europe is shattered by plague, and old principalities are fracturing. Spain, France, England are preparing for war. In Italy, the Pope and ...Read Review

The Light of the Midnight Stars

By Rena Rossner - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Mid-1300s, the Hungarian woods. As descendants of King Solomon, Hannah, Sarah, and Levana possess sacred magic. But their abilities will be put ...Read Review

The Queen Who Sold Her Crown (The Kingdom of Naples)

By Jane Ann McLachlan - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

In the years 1347-1352, Joanna I nobly fights to preserve her kingdom of Naples against a rival king, a usurping husband, a papal ...Read Review

Come Back to Me (Waters of Time)

By Jody Hedlund - Published 2021



In present-time America, Marian Creighton focuses her energies on researching a cure for her sister Ellen’s terminal illness. But, when her father, ...Read Review

The Hour of the Fox (A Brother Chandler Mystery, 1)

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2020



Cassandra Clark is the author of the Abbess of Meaux series of mediaeval murder/mysteries.  She has now found a new sleuth, Brother ...Read Review


By Annie Garthwaite - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

King Henry VI was nine months old when he became king of England. Shortly afterwards, he became the disputed king of France and ...Read Review