Jazz Age

Night of a Thousand Stars

By Deanna Raybourn - Published 2014



In Night of a Thousand Stars we meet Penelope “Poppy” Hammond March as she narrowly escapes her wedding ceremony to the heir of ...Read Review

Spirits Revived

By Alice Duncan - Published 2014



This latest book in the long-running Daisy Gumm Majesty series of cozy mysteries opens a year after the death of Daisy’s beloved ...Read Review

Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

By Sebastian Faulks - Published 2014


What ho, the renowned scribbler Sebastian Faulks has jolly well gone and bunged out a rather decent tale involving that immortal pair of ...Read Review

Murder and Mendelssohn

By Kerry Greenwood - Published 2014



When a disliked chorus conductor turns up dead, sheet music from Mendelssohn’s Messiah crammed down his throat, it’s up to Detective ...Read Review

O, Africa!

By Andrew Lewis Conn - Published 2014Published 2014-06-10



Micah and Izzy Grand are the stars of silent films in the year 1928. The descendants of Jewish immigrants, they are self-made men; Micah ...Read Review

Ragtime Cowboys

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2014



In 1921, Charlie Siringo is past his prime, living under a leaky roof and writing books about the days he rode with the Earp ...Read Review

After the Exhibition

By Dolores Gordon-Smith - Published 2014



An exhibition of church art sounds sedate, but murder soon intrudes into this cozy, 1920s English mystery. Set in London and bucolic Whimbrell ...Read Review

Empire Girls

By Loretta Nyhan - By Suzanne Hayes - Published 2014


Rose and Ivy Adams are heartbroken when their father dies in 1925. Shock follows grief when the young women learn that he was nearly ...Read Review

The Beautiful American

By Jeanne Mackin - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

The Beautiful American is a work of fiction that follows an artists’ colony in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. While one of ...Read Review

The Woman in the Picture

By Katherine McMahon - Published 2014


It is 1926, and the aftermath of the Great War still darkens the country. Evelyn Gifford finds looking to a successful future, as one ...Read Review