Jazz Age

Orphan #8

By Kim van Alkemade - Published 2015


The tale of how medical experiments were performed upon orphans during the 1920s is simultaneously fascinating and horrifying, particularly as the underlying facts ...Read Review

Maud’s Line

By Margaret Verble - Published 2015Published 2015-07-14


Maud Nail, growing up on the Cherokee allotment lands in the 1920s, shares a tiny shack and a hard life with her father, ...Read Review

The Other Daughter

By Lauren Willig - Published 2015


Rachel Woodley is working as a governess in 1920s Paris when she receives word that her mother is very ill, so she rushes ...Read Review

Dolls of Hope

By Shirley Parenteau - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

Dolls of Hope is a charming middle-grade novel based on the real Friendship Dolls exchanged between students in the US and Japan in ...Read Review


By Jill Morrow - Published 2015



In the 1920s, Newport, Rhode Island, was the playground of the nouveau riche as well as old money families. But money doesn’t ...Read Review

The Cavendon Women

By Barbara Taylor Bradford - Published 2015



It’s 1926, and the Cavendons of Cavendon Hall are gathering for a family weekend, during which the story of two long-interconnected families, the ...Read Review

The Jazz Palace

By Mary Morris - Published 2015


Chicago in the early 20th century was not an easy place for immigrants or blacks, but these are the stories told in The ...Read Review

West of Sunset

By Stewart O'Nan - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

In 1937, author F. Scott Fitzgerald travels to Hollywood to salvage his writing career as a screenwriter. He’s considered a has-been – his masterpiece, ...Read Review

Girl Runner

By Carrie Snyder - Published 2015



Aganetha (Aggie) Smart is a fictional Canadian runner who wins the gold medal in the 800-metre race in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games. Aggie’...Read Review

The Other Side of Midnight

By Simone St. James - Published 2015



In 1925 London, most people who visit psychic mediums are family members of soldiers who died in the Great War. Psychic Ellie Winter doesn’...Read Review