The Girl from the Tanner’s Yard

By Diane Allen - Published 2020



Flirtatious tanner’s daughter Lucy Bancroft aspires to something better than the grinding drudgery her mother endures, raising too many children with little ...Read Review

Elizabeth and Elizabeth

By Sue Williams -


Biographical Fiction

Elizabeth and Elizabeth is bestselling Australian journalist and non-fiction writer, Sue Williams’ first historical novel, based on the true story of two colonial ...Read Review

My Last Duchess

By Eloisa James - Published 2020



The first of two novellas, My Last Duchess is a prequel to the author’s Wildes of Lindow Castle series. Set in 1766, it ...Read Review

The Daughters of George III: Sisters and Princesses

By Catherine Curzon - Published 2020



Curzon sketches the lives of King George III of England and Queen Charlotte’s six unusual daughters in this entertaining history. Though devoted ...Read Review

Nanteos: The Dipping Pool

By Jane Blank - Published 2020


A companion to Blank’s The Shadow of Nanteos (2015), set in 1750s Cardiganshire, this novel tells the story not only of Thomas and ...Read Review

The Virtues of Scandal: A Novel of Lord Byron

By Richard Abramson - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This retelling of the last decade in the life of George Gordon, Lord Byron, opens at the battle of Missolonghi in 1824, to the ...Read Review

The Woman in the Moonlight

By Patricia Morrisroe - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is a fictional biography of Countess Giulietta (Julie) Guicciardi, to whom Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was dedicated in 1802. Little is known about ...Read Review

Highland Heart: Love in the Time of War

By Jacqueline Seewald - Published 2020



In this near-the-Highlands romance, set in 1746, young Frenchwoman Madeleine de Marnay is a 17-year-old who falls inexplicably in love with 28-year-old Colonel Gareth ...Read Review

The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle

By Neil Blackmore - Published 2020


London 1763, and brothers Edgar and Benjamin Bowen are to embark upon The Grand Tour to mainland Europe. They are close in age, around ...Read Review

The Silver Collar

By Antonia Hodgson - Published 2020



The Silver Collar is the fourth in Antonia Hodgson’s series about Thomas Hawkins and Kitty Sparks. I had read the first – The ...Read Review

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