Laird of the Black Isle

By Paula Quinn - Published 2018



Quinn returns to the world of the MacGregors of Skye with the story of Mailie MacGregor, who longs for a knight from Sir ...Read Review

The Bride Takes a Groom

By Lisa Berne - Published 2018



Third in the Penhallow Dynasty series, Berne’s The Bride Takes a Groom is a romance set in the northeast of England in ...Read Review

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock

By Imogen Hermes Gowar - Published 2018


Too many times I have read a book, very often by a first-time published writer, that has been stratospherically praised by the media, ...Read Review

The Optickal Illusion

By Rachel Halliburton - Published 2018



Based on a real-life scandal in 1797, this novel is concerned with Ann-Jemima Provis and her father, who want to present (and sell) an ...Read Review

The Ballade of Mary Reede

By Norman Schell - Published 2017



John Tanner, a young Englishman trained as a ship’s carpenter and groomed for command of a merchant vessel of his own in ...Read Review

The Beachcomber

By Ines Thorn - By Kate Northrop (trans.) - Published 2018


In 1711, on the Isle of Sylt on the North Sea coast, Jordis and her grandmother are considered outsiders due to their Icelandic heritage. ...Read Review

Plague Pits & River Bones

By Karen Charlton - Published 2018



Detective Stephen Lavender and Constable Ned Woods of Bow Street are struggling with the extra workload assigned to them. In an effort to ...Read Review

The Muse of Fire

By Carol M. Cram - Published 2018


Romance meets backstage drama in a novel that is long on plot twists but a little short on emotionally believable characters. Grace Johnson, ...Read Review

A Brush with Shadows

By Anna Lee Huber - Published 2018



In July 1831, Sebastian Gage has come home to Langstone Manor in Scotland. Surrounding his home are beautiful and bleak moors and bogs, in ...Read Review

Blood on the Heather

By Griselda Gifford - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

Set in the Highlands of Scotland in 2017, with a time-slip to 1745, an era of red coats and Jacobites, this charming novel reveals the ...Read Review