English Civil War

For King or Commonwealth

By Richard Woodman - Published 2012



In A Ship for the King, Richard Woodman left his readers wondering which side Captain Kit Faulkner would choose at the start of ...Read Review

Comely Grace

By Alexine Crawford - Published 2011


The principal character in Comely Grace is Abigail Mannory, daughter of a tanner in the Surrey town of Farnham in the mid-17th ...Read Review

The Bleeding Land

By Giles Kristian - Published 2012



This is the first in a planned trilogy of novels set during the English Civil War, and this tale begins in 1642 with the ...Read Review

Child of Aetos

By Ian Saunderson - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

Child of Aetos is the story of James Stanley, seventh Earl of Derby and supporter of King Charles during the seventeenth-century English Civil ...Read Review

A Ship for the King

By Richard Woodman - Published 2011



Having first gone to sea at the age of sixteen, spending the better part of forty years in various nautical posts, and then ...Read Review

Accidents of Providence

By Stacia M. Brown - Published 2012



Set in England during Cromwell’s interregnum, Accidents of Providence centers on Rachel Lockyer, a glove maker’s apprentice accused of murdering her ...Read Review

The September Queen

By Gillian Bagwell - Published 2011


Biographical FictionRomance

Jane Lane, daughter of an affluent Royalist family during Cromwell’s Commonwealth, longed for adventure over respectable marriage. This she found when the ...Read Review

Cavalier Queen

By Fiona Mountain - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

In 1624 Henrietta Maria, Princess of France, was betrothed to Charles, future King of England as Charles I. Amongst the English delegates sent over ...Read Review

Fox: Cromwell’s Spy

By Nick McCarty - Published 2009


John Fox is an expert scout, taking the practice into a sort of espionage where he can gain information in towns as well ...Read Review

Devil’s Charge

By Michael Arnold -



When I was at school our history books gave the impression that the English Civil War was a rather gentlemanly affair between romantic ...Read Review