English Civil War

Lament for a Siege Town

By Clare Hawkins - Published 2015



Lament for a Siege Town is concerned with the siege of Colchester of 1648 by Parliamentarian forces while a Royalist army is trapped within ...Read Review

The Winter Prince

By Cheryl Sawyer - Published 2015



The Winter Prince is the story of Prince Rupert of the Rhine, nephew to King Charles I and his finest battle commander during ...Read Review

The King’s Man

By Alison Stuart - Published 2015



This novel by Alison Stuart concerns the later part of the Parliamentary era of the English Civil War. It is based on events ...Read Review

The Seeker

By S.G. MacLean - Published 2015



Oliver Cromwell’s London in 1654 is a place of distrust, censorship, spies and murder. Covert royalists plot to return the son of the ...Read Review

The Audacious Crimes of Colonel Blood

By Robert Hutchinson - Published 2015



This is the truly astonishing story of one man and his many adventures. The 17th-century soldier and spy Colonel Thomas Blood is perhaps ...Read Review

By the Sword

By Alison Stuart - Published 2015



By The Sword is the first part of a series about two families in the era of the English Civil War, just after ...Read Review

The Prince of Prigs

By Anthony Anglorus - Published 2015



The English Revolution of Oliver Cromwell forms the social and political background of The Prince of Prigs by Anthony Anglorus. It is in ...Read Review

The Silvered Heart

By Katherine Clements - Published 2015


The Silvered Heart is Katherine Clements’ follow-up to her critically lauded debut, The Crimson Ribbon. With this new story she returns to the ...Read Review

Treason’s Daughter

By Antonia Senior - Published 2014


Henrietta Challoner, called Hen, is a highly educated young girl who prefers education over the traditional role for women of her day. Living ...Read Review

Uncivil War: Twin Tales from Nottinghamshire

By Noel Harrower - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

This is a children’s / Young Adult historical novel set during the English Civil war between the raising of the King’s Standard ...Read Review