English Civil War

Restoration Lady

By Sue Allan - Published 2008


If, like me, you have read and enjoyed Mayflower Maid and Jamestown Woman you will be eager to read the concluding part of ...Read Review

The Butcher of Smithfield

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2008



London 1663: Lord Clarendon’s spy Thomas Chaloner returns from a foreign assignment to an unfriendly greeting from his unreasonable paymaster. He has three ...Read Review

The Winter Prince

By Cheryl Sawyer - Published 2007



Sawyer delivers up a broad canvas of love and war set against the backdrop of the early years of England’s Civil War. ...Read Review

Forged in the Fire

By Ann Turner - Published 2005


Children/Young Adult

This captivating story is the sequel to No Shame, No Fear. It works as a stand-alone book relating the story of William and ...Read Review

The Seeds of Sin

By Anne Herries - Published 2006



After the death of Cromwell and the restoration of Charles Stuart to the throne of England, Sir Rupert Saunders returns from exile at ...Read Review

Lovers and Enemies

By Anne Herries - Published 2005



  Caroline Saunders always expected to marry Harry Mortimer, the ne’er-do-well son of her parents’ closest friends. But when dissent between King ...Read Review

The Sale of the Late King’s Goods : Charles l and His Art Collection

By Jerry Brotton - Published 2006



  Charles I raised the sin of acquisitiveness to gargantuan heights. During his reign thousands of paintings, tapestries and statuary were purchased to ...Read Review

Court Lady and Country Wife

By Lita-Rose Betcherman - Published 2005



Two noble sisters, Lucy and Dorothy Percy, grow up in an aristocratic household odd in one respect – it lacks a father. Henry, Lord ...Read Review

I, Coriander

By Sally Gardner - Published 2005


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Sally Gardner delightfully draws the reader into this historical fiction/fantasy novel with her main character, Coriander Hobie, stating, “I have a great ...Read Review

Fallam’s Secret

By Denise Giardina - Published 2003



In the year 2001, Lydde Falcone is a 55-year-old single woman living abroad when she’s notified of the death of her dearly loved ...Read Review