Early Medieval (to 1337)

The Donation of Constantine

By Simon Le Vay - Published 2013



The famous Donation of Constantine, an 8th-century document allegedly giving great swaths of temporal authority and ownership to the Catholic Church, is perhaps ...Read Review


By J. Tullos Hennig - Published 2013



In this gay romantic fantasy, the old tales of “Robyn” Hood are reworked in a way I’ve longed for for years. The ...Read Review

Master of War

By David Gilman - Published 2013



1346, and the reign of Edward III. Edward’s ambition is to regain his lost lands in France, and so begins the 100 Years’ War. ...Read Review

Prince of Legend

By Jack Ludlow - Published 2013



It is 1097 when the First Crusade besieges the powerful city of Antioch. The Crusaders and the motley crowd of pilgrims, preachers and camp-followers ...Read Review

Warlord: A novel of Robin Hood

By Angus Donald - Published 2013



Warlord opens with Prince John groveling before his elder brother, King Richard. The king’s men, including Robin Hood and the hero and ...Read Review

Death of a King

By Andrew H. Vanderwal - Published 2013


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Young Alex Macpherson time-travels to medieval Scotland in a quest to discover why his parents have disappeared into the 13th century – and if ...Read Review

Holy War: A Warrior’s Greatest Battle

By Jack Hight - Published 2013



As the name implies, Holy War is an action-packed Crusader novel, the third book in Jack Hight’s Saladin Trilogy. The story begins ...Read Review

The Garden at the Roof of the World

By W. B. J. Williams - Published 2013



This historical fiction has been set up to read like a historical manuscript, complete with footnotes by the “translator” and definitions to assist “...Read Review

The Outlaw Knight

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2000Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Early in the novel, young Fulke FitzWarin, while serving as a squire in the court of Henry II, earns the displeasure of Prince ...Read Review

Faces in the Fire

By Donnita L. Rogers - Published 2013


A series, of which this is the first, based on the women of Beowulf written by a woman who taught the epic in ...Read Review