Early Medieval (to 1337)

Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Generation (The Eleanor Code, Book 4)

By Mark Richard Beaulieu - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

The fourth volume in Beaulieu’s ongoing fictional retelling of the life of the renowned and much-storied 12th-century Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine finds ...Read Review

Fourth Crusade

By Mark Butler - Published 2012



One of the larger blots on the history of Christianity is the debacle of the Fourth Crusade, which essentially ended in April 1204, when ...Read Review

The Spider and the Stone

By Glen Craney - Published 2014



Glen Craney’s novel is set in the familiar turbulent period of Scotland’s attempts to escape English rule. Similar to other descriptions ...Read Review

Sebastian’s Way: The Pathfinder (The Sebastian Chronicles, Book One)

By George Steger - Published 2013



The violent 8th-century world of Charlemagne is brought vividly to life in the first volume of George Steger’s “Sebastian Chronicles,” which star ...Read Review

The Scribe

By Antonio Garrido - By Simon Bruni (trans.) - Published 2013



Theresa, trained to become a talented scribe, is about to take her final exam in Würzburg, Austrasia, in the 8th century. At ...Read Review

The Miracle Thief

By Iris Anthony - Published 2014


The Miracle Thief is set in France of the early 900s, a period of political turmoil, Viking invasion, and a decidedly Dark Age ...Read Review

Imperial Fire

By Robert Lyndon - Published 2014



In this sequel to Hawk Quest, Vallon, older, harder and perhaps even wiser, has become one of Byzantium’s great generals. Emperor Alexius ...Read Review

The Castle of Whispers

By Carole Martinez - Published 2014



The Castle of Whispers is the tale of 15-year-old Esclarmonde, who, on her wedding day, chooses the living death of an anchorite over ...Read Review

A King’s Ransom

By Sharon Kay Penman - Published 2014


Historical fiction can be a tricky genre to write and read because many times we know how the story is going to end. ...Read Review

The Wicked

By Douglas Nicholas - Published 2014



In this sequel to the well-received Something Red, travelling entertainers Molly, Jack, Nemain, and Hob are in 13th-century northern England at Castle Blanchefontaine. ...Read Review