Ancient Greece

The Odyssey of Homer

By R.L. Eickhoff (trans.) -



I first read The Odyssey in a child’s version that may have been meager, but was certainly sufficient to begin a lifetime ...Read Review

Owls to Athens

By H.N. Turteltaub - Published 2004



Fourth in a series, Owls to Athens advances the adventures of the intrepid Rhodian merchants, Sostratos and Menedemos. In the chaotic post-Alexander world, ...Read Review

Pandora of Athens: 399 B.C.

By Barry Denenberg - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

The title character of Pandora of Athens: 399 B.C., Barry Denenberg’s latest contribution to Scholastic’s Life and Times series, is a ...Read Review

Voices of the Trojan War

By Kate Hovey - Published 2005


Children/Young Adult

As in previous books (Ancient Voices and Arachne Speaks), mask-maker and poet Kate Hovey draws from the myths of classical antiquity, this time ...Read Review

Champion of the Dead

By Patrick Hatten - Published 2003



Ancient Athens is the setting for this murder mystery solved by a welcome new sleuth, Idas, a metic (half-citizen). As such, our hero ...Read Review

The Virtues of War

By Steven Pressfield - Published 2004


Biographical FictionMilitary

“I have always been a soldier” are the first words we hear from Alexander the Great in this new biographical novel. Driven by ...Read Review

Age of Bronze Volume 2: Sacrifice

By Eric Shanower - Published 2004



Continuing the epic saga of the Trojan War – all of the Trojan War, including back stories, side myths, and other matter usually cut ...Read Review

Odysseus: A Life

By Charles Rowan Beye - Published 2004



In Odysseus: A Life, acclaimed classical scholar and professor emeritus at the City University of New York Charles Rowan Beye creates a “biography” ...Read Review

The Amazon and the Warrior

By Judith Hand - Published 2004


Biographical FictionEpic

This is a novel about the Amazon Queen, Penthesilea, who ruled during the time the Trojan War was raging. Judith Hand takes a ...Read Review

Five for Silver

By Mary Reed and Eric Mayer - Published 2004



The year is 542 and the setting, once again, is Constantinople – this time, beset by plague and political turmoil. The Lord Chamberlain to Justinian, ...Read Review