Historical American Revolution Fiction Reviews


The War Before Independence: 1775-1776

By Derek W. Beck - Published 2016



America’s Revolution began long before the Declaration was signed, when New England’s militiamen defied Great Britain on April 19, 1775, and harried its ...Read Review

Our Own Country

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2016



Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1772. Eliza Boylston, daughter of a prosperous merchant and his ambitious wife, is anticipating a 16th birthday surrounded by her loving family. ...Read Review

The Dutch Girl

By Donna Thorland - Published 2016


A prim schoolmistress with a scandalous secret. A handsome highwayman fighting for romantic ideals. A dangerous spy mission with the fate of nations ...Read Review

Becoming Valley Forge

By Sheilah Vance - Published 2015



In her epic-length novel Becoming Valley Forge, Sheilah Vance dramatizes the horrific depredations experienced by George Washington’s Continental Army as it endured ...Read Review

Blood of the Oak

By Eliot Pattison - Published 2016



In the spring of 1765, the small community of Edentown, New York, led by Sarah Ramsey, is a quiet town segregated from colonial strife ...Read Review

A Most Civil War

By Greg Parkes - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

As Greg Parkes quips in the author’s note of his thoroughly enjoyable debut, A Most Civil War, “I couldn’t make this ...Read Review

Twenty-One Heroes

By Sam A. Forman - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

This story of three young people – Katherine Mayhew, Joshua Spencer and Ezra Wright – is set at the dawn of the American Revolution, and ...Read Review

The Mind of an American Revolutionary

By Jon Foyt - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

Jon Foyt’s latest novel, The Mind of an American Revolutionary, is on the surface an ungainly amalgam of historical fiction and biography, ...Read Review

Samantha’s Secret (A More Perfect Union, Book 3)

By Betty Bolte - Published 2015



Betty Bolte continues her winning More Perfect Union series with her latest novel, Samantha’s Secret, in which midwife Samantha McAlester returns from ...Read Review

To Tame the Wind

By Regan Walker - Published 2015



In this prequel to her Agents of the Crown series, Regan Walker presents a romantic adventure story that can easily be appreciated as ...Read Review