Submission Guidelines: e-published, subsidy-published and self-published

We selectively review novels that are not covered by the Historical Novels Review online in our Indie section.  These include but are not limited to electronically published, self-published, and subsidy-published novels (we’re calling them all ‘Indie’ for the purposes of this website). Some small press titles may be included in the Indie section as well. Decisions on placement rest with the editors.

Titles submitted for review must contain significant historical content, which is defined as a focus/setting of at least 50 years in the past. Content will also be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of writing
  • Plot cohesion
  • Characterization
  • Reader engagement

The title must be professionally laid out, designed, written, and edited, including the following elements:

  • Design should be appropriate to the subject, content, and genre
  • Type/font should be clear and readable
  • Style should be consistent throughout the book
  • The author must cite permissions for use of any copyrighted materials, including cover art

A brief description of the work and information about the author should be provided. Promotional materials and publicity releases may also be included.

The following information should be included with all submissions: author, title, publisher, publisher’s address, publication date, price, number of pages, and ISBN. Galleys will be accepted, but finished copies are preferred. No books or galleys can be returned.

Submissions may be rejected on grounds including, but not limited to, failure to follow submission guidelines; flawed subject, presentation, or writing; insufficient information included with the book; time limitations; or any other reason the editors deem fit. The editors do not enter into discussion on the acceptance, rejection, or placement of a submission. Authors/publishers submitting a work for consideration will receive e-mail confirmation when the submission has been received. When a submission has been accepted and the review published, the publisher or author submitting the work will be provided with a link to the review. The editors assume no obligation to inform the author/publisher when a submission has been rejected.