About our Reviews and Reviewers


Most of the reviews on this site have been previously published in our print magazine, The Historical Novels Review (founded 1997). These reviews are not changed when they are uploaded to the website, and their original publication details can be found under the ‘appeared in’ field to the right of the review text.

Reviewers for the Historical Novels Review are mostly drawn from our membership, and are all well-read, knowledgeable enthusiasts of historical fiction. All of our reviews go through a selection process and a three-stage editorial process before publication. Please note that we do not review all novels submitted, nor does membership of the society come with any entitlement to a review.

The Historical Novels Review already has a large staff, but if you would like to join our reviewing team, please write to us.

Editors’ Choice titles are chosen by the editors and managing editors and are as featured in the print magazines. On the website they are marked with a button saying ‘Editors’ Choice’.

Historical Novels Review Editorial Staff:

  • Managing Editor: Bethany Latham
  • Book Review Editor: Sarah Johnson
  • Features Editor: Lucinda Byatt
  • New Voices Column Editor: Myfanwy Cook
  • Reviews Editors (UK): Alan Fisk, Doug Kemp, Edward James, Richard Lee, Karen Warren, and Linda Sever (children’s titles)
  • Reviews Editors (US): Rebecca Cochran, Bryan Dumas, Ilysa Magnus, and Arleigh Ordoyne (children’s titles)

All views expressed in our reviews are those of the reviewer, not necessarily the staff.

Online Exclusive Reviews

Online Exclusive titles have gone through the same three-stage editorial process as our other reviews but did not appear in the print magazine for lack of space or through late submission.

On the website they are marked with a button saying ‘Online Exclusive’.

Editors’ Choice

For each quarterly issue of the Historical Novels Review, the editors will select a small number of titles they feel exemplify the best in historical fiction. These novels, which come highly recommended from our reviewers, have been designated as Editors’ Choice titles.