Our Original Fiction

From its earliest days the Historical Novel Society has been publishing original fiction, and paying for it too: one of the few markets in the world buying historical short stories. Several of our ‘discoveries’ have gone on to great things most notably Ruth Downie, Hilary Green and Michel Faber. In the case of Michel Faber we can probably boast the least-publicised ever literary exclusive, in that Michel sent us two chapters of his masterpiece The Crimson Petal and the White to publish prior to that novel’s general publication.

From 2012 forward we are still going to be buying original short fiction and we are still going to be publishing it, but from now on we will organise one-off short story competitions (for example our HNSLondon12 Short Story Cup).

There are currently no competitions underway, but please check back regularly for updates.

Read some of our original fiction here.