Guidelines for submitting features

We are always looking for new up-to-the-minute material. There is a news value in historical fiction, and we would love to be able to contribute to the buzz about any newly successful author or project.

To this end, we are specifically interested in:

  • newly signed authors. You have just sold one or more books to a major publishing house? We’d love to interview you.
  • TV/films in production. Anything from actor castings, to rushes, to press-releases, to author/writer/actor interviews, to costume design, to historical consultants – in short, news, photos and buzz about exciting historical fiction in production.
  • the same as above, but as they are published/first shown.
  • the negative side of the above. When shows get axed, when authors are advised to turn away from historical fiction, when films go straight to video.

We are equally interested in the academic hinterland of historical fiction, and would strongly wish to give that more oxygen. We’d love to feature debate on the theory of historical fiction,¬†analysis of great writers and their work, retrospectives on attitudes or genres that have fallen out of view.

To this end we are specifically interested in:

  • university level thesis subjects featuring historical fiction or historical fiction authors.
  • historical fiction used in schools/colleges for the teaching of history or English literature.
  • biographical or archive work on historical fiction authors.
  • published academic studies of historical fiction works, authors or genres.

Of course there are other areas of historical fiction that are not mentioned here, but are equally of interest. If you have an idea for a piece, please write in.