I have booked a room for our inaugural meeting at the Exeter Institution for the morning of 18th May 2016 – There are directions to the DEI on their website, which is on the Cathedral green. Press the intercom for entry – say you are coming to the HNS meeting – and when you are inside ask the receptionist for directions to the meeting room. Alternatively phone or text me and I will come down and let you in – email me for my number.

Our first meeting will ‘open’ informally from 10.30 am with coffee/tea. I have requested a tour of the rooms and library for 11.00 am. We will settle down to discuss the agenda after this, probably at around 11.30. The ‘formal’ meeting will last till around 12.30, and afterwards some of us will have lunch and chat some more.

You are welcome to join me for any or all of this. The DEI opens at 9.30 am, and I will be there from that time reading or working on my computer. Let me know if you want to meet and chat more privately before 10.30. Please let me know if you want coffee or tea. Please let me know if you will attend the ‘formal’ meeting. Please let me know if you wish to join a group for lunch afterwards.

Unfortunately there is NO LIFT to the meeting room at the DEI, which is on the first floor. I know this may be a problem for some, and we will try to ensure a more accessible meeting place for the future. If you are not able to join us for the meeting you can still come along and meet people at lunch if you wish. If you are not able to attend at all, for this or for any other reason, you can still address the meeting by proxy – please email me for the agenda, and let me know your thoughts on the various issues that are important to you, and I will present them to the meeting.

The meeting is open to all but everyone (please) needs to let me know in advance if they wish to attend.

If you are able to ADVERTISE the meeting that’s great – please do – but please ask anyone interested to get in touch with me in advance by email.I am so looking forward to getting this started and meeting you all.

All very best wishes.

Richard Lee

(email: richard -at- historicalnovelsociety -dot- org).


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