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Alan Hlad

<strong>Alan Hlad </strong>is the international and <em>USA Today </em>bests... View profile

Alan Winter

Alan A. Winter has authored four novels including <em>Island Bluffs, Snowflakes in the Sahara,... View profile

Alana White

Alana White's debut historical mystery novel, THE SIGN OF THE WEEPING VIRGIN, set in Renaissanc... View profile

Alastair Davie

I am a retired corporate publicist living in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  I was born... View profile

Alex Penland

<p class="">Alex was a museum kid: a childhood of running rampant through the Smiths... View profile

Alexandra Norland

Alexandra has been interested in eighteenth-century American and British history since childhood. Sh... View profile

Alexine Crawford

Oxford degree in history, but for many years I wrote only diverse articles. I have now self publishe... View profile

Alfred Woollacott, III

Alfred Woollacott, III retired from KPMG in 2002 after a career spanning 34 years, choosing to resid... View profile

Alfreða Jonsdottir

A Viking Queen's Legacy is my second novel where once again I have drawn from the Icelandic sag... View profile