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Alistair Forrest

Alistair Forrest is a journalist and editor who lives and breathes historical fiction. His novel Lib... View profile

Alix Rickloff

Critically acclaimed author of historical fiction, <strong>Alix Rickloff’s </strong>f... View profile

Allison Thurman

Writer, fencer, costumer, reader (not necessarily in that order) chronicling my adventures writing a... View profile

Alma Katsu

Alma Katsu is the award-winning author of THE HUNGER, a reimagining of the story of the Donner Party... View profile

Alyssa Palombo

Alyssa Palombo is the author of the historical novels THE VIOLINIST OF VENICE, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WO... View profile

Amanda McCabe

Author (as Amanda McCabe, Laurel McKee, and Amanda Carmack!), avid history geek (especially the Tudo... View profile

Amanda Mercer

President & Founder of Museum Edutainment, LLC and the mobile app <strong>BARD</strong&... View profile

Amanda Mole

Lee Fosseen writes of rebellion and abduction, murder and coercion: all threads of one conspiracy ai... View profile