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Alan Fisk

I have been a keen reader of historical novels for more than 50 years. I have also had a few of my o... View profile

Alan Hlad

Alan Hlad is the Author of THE LONG FLIGHT HOME (2019, Kensington Publishing). He is represented by ... View profile

Alana White

Alana White's debut historical mystery novel, THE SIGN OF THE WEEPING VIRGIN, set in Renaissanc... View profile

Alaric Bond

Alaric Bond has had a varied career, writing for magazines, television, radio comedy and the stage. ... View profile

Alexine Crawford

Oxford degree in history, but for many years I wrote only diverse articles. I have now self publish... View profile

Alfred Woollacott, III

Alfred Woollacott, III retired from KPMG in 2002 after a career spanning 34 years, choosing to resid... View profile

Alice Poon

Alice Poon's latest book is a novelized account of the life of Mongolian-born Empress Dowager X... View profile

Alison Brideson

Award winning Australian author, Alison Stuart learned her passion from history from her father. She... View profile

Alison Case

Alison Case is a Professor of English specializing in Victorian literature, and chair of Women'... View profile