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William Keeling

William Keeling is the author of The Gay Street Chronicles, a series of historical- satirical novels... View profile


Charles M. Clemmons was born at home in the North Carolina countryside on what is now a state forest... View profile


Elizabeth Conte is a women’s fiction writer, “Creating beauty for the mind.” She is a lover of... View profile

Xina Uhl

Author Xina Marie Uhl lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and assorted furry and sca... View profile

Yelda Basar Moers

I am an author, lawyer and journalist.  I'm a graduate of Northwestern University's Medil... View profile

Yves Fey

My current project, A Harmony of Hells, is the third book of my Paris Trilogy. The first, a mystery,... View profile

Yvonne Korshak

Pericles and Aspasia: A Story of Ancient Greece, is Yvonne Korshak's recently published histori... View profile