Issue 100 (May 2022)

This issue contains:

  • Cover Story, The Historical Novel Society’s 25th Anniversary  |  by Bethany Latham
  • Historical Fiction Market News, a column with the latest book deals and publications in historical fiction, including new books by HNS members  |  by Sarah Johnson
  • New Voices, a column focusing on novelists Jody Hadlock, Colin Holmes, Peter Mann, and J. P. O’Connell |  by Myfanwy Cook
  • History & Film, For the World Is Hell: The North Water  |  by Bethany Latham
  • Interviews with Annabel Abbs (by Lucinda Byatt), Danielle Daniel (by Kristen McDermott), Louise Hare (Myfanwy Cook), and Nicola Griffith (by Katie Stine)
  • Feature on the work of G.A. Henty (by Jon G. Bradley and Sam Allison)
  • Reviews of more than 300 of the latest and greatest books in historical fiction and nonfiction, including Editors’ Choice titles

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