HNR Issue 53 (August 2010)

HNR Issue 53, August 2010 Cover

This issue contains:

  • Cover Story, Worthy of a Giant: Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy  |  by Ken Kreckel
  • New Voices, a column focusing on debut novelists Dana Hand, Gabrielle Kimm, Grant Sutherland, and Deborah Swift  |  by Myfanwy Cook
  • History & Film, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall  |  by Hannah Sternberg
  • Interview with novelist Andrew Taylor (by Christian Stuart)
  • Features on the Battle of Britain’s 70th anniversary (by Ken Kreckel), the Sir Walter Scott Prize (by Lucinda Byatt), and a publishing profile of Orion (by Myfanwy Cook)
  • Reviews of almost 300 of the latest and greatest books in historical fiction and nonfiction, including Editors’ Choice titles
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