HNR Issue 41 (August 2007)

HNR Issue 41, August 2007 Cover

This 10th Anniversary issue contains:

  • Cover Story, The Historical Novel Society: The First 10 Years, An Interview with Richard Lee  |  by Bethany Latham
  • History & Film, X-Caliber: The Top 10 Historical Films of the Past Decade  |  by Lisa Jensen
  • Features on 10 landmark historical novels (by Richard Lee), readers’ choice: readers vote for their favorite historical novels of the past 10 years, HNR‘s most prolific reviewers (by Sarah Johnson), and past and present editors weigh in on the HNS magazines
  • Conference coverage of the 2007 HNS North American Conference (by Peg Herring and Ann Parker)
  • Reviews of almost 300 of the latest and greatest books in historical fiction and nonfiction, including Editors’ Choice titles
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