HNR Issue 95 (February 2021)

The Sorrow of Miles Franklin beneath Mount Kajmakcalan

By Ivan Capovski - By Paul Filev (trans.) - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In 1917, a famous Australian author, Miles Franklin, arrives at the Scottish Women’s Hospital in Macedonia. While her position as a nurse might ...Read Review

Crooked Truth

By Kristine F. Anderson - Published 2020


In the post WWII South, fifteen-year-old Lucas lives with his Granny, Paw Paw, and Uncle Robert on their cotton farm. Thirteen years older ...Read Review

A Thousand Ships

By Natalie Haynes - Published 2020



‘A thousand ships’ conjures up a face familiar to the world, equally admired and derided―that of Helen of Troy. But those thousand ...Read Review

V for Victory

By Lissa Evans - Published 2020


London in the Autumn of 1944, and V1 and V2 rockets are falling on the capital, causing misery and destruction, though the airplane bombing ...Read Review

The Body In The Trees: A Bowman Of The Yard Investigation 3

By Richard James - Published 2020



In 1892, Detective Inspector George Bowman and his trusty sidekick Sergeant Graves, who Bowman suspects has been sent to keep an eye on him, ...Read Review

Blasted Things

By Lesley Glaister - Published 2020


1917, and Clementine Armstrong (Clem) is a VAD nurse on the Western Front. She volunteered to work on the frontline against the explicit wishes ...Read Review

Lucia’s War

By Lanigan - By Susan - Published 2020


At the Royal Albert Hall in 1950 London, famed soprano Lucia Percival, grieving over some news, declines to appear at her concert. At the ...Read Review

The Fabergé Secret

By Charles Belfoure - Published 2021



In St. Petersburg in 1903, Prince Dimitri Markov is a close ally and friend to the Romanov royal family. Tsar Nicholas and his wife ...Read Review

Elegy to Murder: A Medieval Mystery

By Priscilla Royal - Published 2020



Elegy to Murder is the latest medieval mystery featuring Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas. Royal succeeds in creating sympathy for her characters and ...Read Review

The Paris Model: A Novel

By Alexandra Joel - Published 2020


Svelte and stunning Grace Woods loves her Australian ranch as a child, but when she marries her childhood sweetheart after his return from ...Read Review

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