HNR Issue 95 (February 2021)

The Runes of Destiny

By Christina Courtenay - Published 2020



The Runes of Destiny is the follow-up to Christina Courtenay’s magical Echoes of the Runes. Although the books share a location and ...Read Review

Loretta Little Looks Back: Three Voices Go Tell It

By Andrea Davis Pinkney - By Brian Pinkney (illus.) - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

This marvelous creation is more than a novel. It is a “page-to-stage” narrative, magicked out of family stories and American history and narrated ...Read Review

The Company Daughters

By Samantha Rajaram - Published 2020


This radiant debut novel is perfect for fans of The Miniaturist and Girl with a Pearl Earring. Two young women of 1620s Amsterdam, ...Read Review

We All Fall Down

By David Blixt - By Deborah Swift - By J. K. Knauss - By Jean Gill - By Katherine Pym - By Kristin Gleeson - By Laura Morelli - By Lisa J. Yarde - By Melodie Winawer - Published 2020


Short Stories

In these pandemic times, readers of historical fiction will find deep resonance with stories of the Black Death and other pandemics. In this ...Read Review

The Red Horse (A Billy Boyle WWII Mystery)

By James R. Benn - Published 2020



It’s 1944, and U.S. Army investigator Billy Boyle is a patient at Saint Albans, a high-security convalescent hospital outside London. Boyle is ...Read Review

Draxinger (The Draxinger Series Book 1)

By Noble Smith - Published 2020



It’s not often one can describe a book about World War I as “fun,” but Draxinger—even though it contains some horrific ...Read Review

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

By Marie Benedict - Published 2020



In December 1926, famed author Agatha Christie went missing. For eleven days, police, the public, and two of the UK’s most famous mystery ...Read Review

A Bend In The River

By Libby Fischer Hellmann - Published 2020


Tâm and Mai Trang are sisters, aged seventeen and fourteen, living with their family in Vietnam. In March 1968, the sisters are washing ...Read Review

Tita’s Diary (Like Water for Chocolate)

By Laura Esquivel - Published 2020



Have you ever wondered how the story of Cinderella might have turned out, had the prince married one of Cinderella’s sisters? Tita’...Read Review

Dangerous Women

By Hope Adams - Published 2021


Eighteen women become quilters on the Rajah convict ship sailing for Australia from England in the spring of 1841. The group is among nearly 200 ...Read Review