HNR Issue 92 (May 2020)

Historical Novels Review | Issue 92, May 2020

The Queen of Warriors: Alexandra of Sparta Book One

By Zenobia Neil - Published 2019



After three years of searching for remnants of the army she lost in a crushing defeat, Alexandra of Sparta, the Queen of Warriors, ...Read Review

Antonius: Second in Command (The Antonius Trilogy)

By Brook Allen - Published 2019


Biographical FictionMilitary

Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) is often overshadowed by Gaius Julius Caesar. But Antonius wasn’t a second-rate Caesar; he was a great man ...Read Review

Saved by Her Enemy Warrior

By Greta Gilbert - Published 2020



Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh Tausret has died, and her adoring lady-in-waiting and confidant, Aya, has been entombed with her – in violation of all laws – ...Read Review