HNR Issue 92 (May 2020)

Historical Novels Review | Issue 92, May 2020

Truths I Never Told You

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2020


Beth Walsh never expected to feel so overwhelmed after the birth of her long-awaited son. With her beloved father’s health in rapid ...Read Review

The Emir’s Trace: An Apulian Novel

By Ursula Janssen - Published 2019


After her uncle’s death, German historian Lia Winter decides to travel to Italy to spend some time with relatives there. Lia stays ...Read Review

The Words I Never Wrote

By Jane Thynne - Published 2020


In her latest venture into historical fiction, author Jane Thynne turns her attention to two socialite sisters on opposite sides in World War ...Read Review

A Woman’s War

By S. Block - Published 2019



Simon Block was behind the TV drama Home Fires, and his novel Keep the Home Fires Burning (2018) was reviewed in HNR 86. These introduced ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Storm

By Ella Zeiss - By Helen MacCormac (trans.) - Published 2020


In this novel set in the 1930s, Anna is a German-Russian woman doing her best to make a happy life and home for ...Read Review

City of Stones

By Dan Cohen - Published 2019



Valen and Cohen have collaborated on an intricate (sometimes too intricate) tale of police corruption, anti-Semitism, and fraud in 1950s Minneapolis. Detective Jake ...Read Review

Blame the Dead

By Ed Ruggero - Published 2020



When the army assigns military police Lieutenant Eddie Harkins to investigate a surgeon’s murder at a field hospital outside Palermo, Sicily, in ...Read Review

A Tender Thing

By Emily Neuberger - Published 2020


In small-town Wisconsin, Eleanor O’Hanlon eats, sleeps and breathes musicals, so when she sees an advertisement for an open call in New ...Read Review

People Like Us

By Louise Fein - Published 2021


At one level this is a timeless story of star-crossed lovers.  A young couple defy the conventions of the adult world and are ...Read Review

The War Widow (A Billie Walker Novel)

By Tara Moss - Published 2020



The first volume in a new series by Tara Moss provides a splendid introduction to 1946 postwar Sydney, Australia, and gutsy female private investigator ...Read Review