HNR Issue 88 (May 2019)

The Flimflam Affair: A Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery

By Bill Pronzini - Published 2019



This is the seventh installment in the Carpenter and Quincannon series by husband and wife writers Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller, although this ...Read Review

Anna of Kleve, Queen of Secrets: Six Tudor Queens 4

By Alison Weir - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Anna of Kleve (or Anne of Cleves as she is known to most English readers) is the least known of Henry VIII’s ...Read Review

Pirates and Privateers in the 18th Century: The Final Flourish

By Mike Rendell - Published 2018



Nobody speaks of the Golden Age of Slavery or of Witch Hunting or Heretic Burning, but the equally unpleasant practice of piracy and ...Read Review

The Earl Strongbow (The Invader Series)

By Ruadh Butler - Published 2018



Ruadh Butler’s series about the Norman conquest of Ireland continues with The Earl Strongbow, picking up a week after the events of ...Read Review

Fire and Sacrifice

By Ms Victoria Collins - Published 2018


Rome, 114 BC. On the verge of being publicly executed by her cruel master, Secunda is saved by a Vestal virgin claiming she’s ...Read Review

The Damascus Road: A Novel of Saint Paul

By Jay Parini - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

After receiving a divine vision on the road to Damascus, Paul devotes his life to proclaiming the news of Jesus. Often accompanied by ...Read Review

The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington

By Brad Meltzer - By Josh Mensch - Published 2019



Americans tend to think independence was our destiny, ordained by the size of the colonies and distance from Great Britain. Anyone familiar with ...Read Review

The Mathematical Bridge (Nighthawk)

By Jim Kelly - Published 2019



Cambridge, England in the cold and snow-laden New Year of 1940. Detective Inspector Eden Brooke, a veteran from the Great War whose eyesight was ...Read Review

The Conqueror

By Aditya Iyengar - Published 2019



Although the novel bears the subtitle “The Thrilling Tale of the King who Mastered the Seas, Rajendra Chola I,” the narrative is told ...Read Review

Barbarous (The Outcasts)

By Minerva Spencer - Published 2018



In this Regency romance, a one-eyed pirate, the bare-chested Creole first mate, a monkey, and a parrot land on the recently widowed Lady ...Read Review